Simon Bailey, CEO, The Brand Union
“Daniel worked at The Brand Union from 2004 to 2008 as a Managing Client Director and Head of Digital. In that time he made a significant impact on The Brand Union, not only in London but also in the rest of our network. Externally, he successfully pitched for new business, managed major accounts and consulted on all matters digital for our clients. Internally, he created, developed and integrated into the business a talented and credible digital department. He instigated our use of online project and client management tools, managed the development of our web presence and our blog network and provided consultancy to our other office such as New York, Paris, Hamburg, Dublin and Dubai. He is an excellent creative, manager and digital brand & interaction design consultant and would be an asset to your firm.”
September 5, 2009
Hugh Roberts, Senior Consultant, The Brand Union
(now at Pentagram)

“Daniel created a strong digital team at The Brand Union. He also challenged orthodox thinking and was always great to work with.”
March 3, 2009
Joe Wheeler, Senior Creative Director,
(now at Frog Design)

“Daniel is formidable. On of the few people I've worked with who cares about the things we build as much as I do. He's a clear sighted and meticulous creative -- expects 100% from his team but gives 200% in return. If I was asked to pick my fantasy web team, Dan would be the manager.”
January 6, 2009
Robert Laing, The Brand Union
(now running

“Daniel is a really creative and on-the-ball person to work with and under. He's got great attention to detail, good ideas and knowledge of the whole digital area and how brands can use the medium effectively. He has managed to bring The Brand Union's Digital offering up to a level where it is as competitive as all other areas of this well established agency. Nice guy, too. Recommended.”
May 16, 2006
Francis Gilbert, Technical Lead, Dare
(now at Agency Republic)
“I worked with Daniel at Dare. He knows everything! A great mind for the internet and what to do with it. It's very refreshing to see he just gets the overall process from strategy to design, architecture to technical and has a passion for it. He's also a great guy to know.”
March 10, 2009
Shadi Jalinoos, Digital Producer / Account Director, The Brand Union
“I worked in Daniel’s team for 3 years and his style of management is one of the best I’ve come across to date. He’s very aware of the needs of his team, trusting them and giving them ownership, trying to ensure they learn and are challenged at the same time, keen to make sure they find balance. To the company as a whole, he was an asset in his ability to generate energy and enthusiasm and to bring people together - and in his simple but crucial talent to gets things done, however large or small, whether in his job description or not, where others procrastinated.”
February 5, 2009
Martin Cadwallader, Senior Digital Designer, The Brand Union
“As Head of Digital at The Brand Union Daniel built an exceptional digital team and created awareness and recognition of the discipline within the company with great success. As a manager Daniel is dedicated supportive and friendly. Daniel approaches everything he does with meticulousness as well as intelligence and wit.”
January 7, 2009
Adam Robertson, Interactive Designer, Nykris Digital Design
(now at Ostmodern)

“Daniel was a true professional and incredibly creative in his approach to digital production. Daniel always showed a commendable level of enthusiasm and is meticulous in his attention to detail. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
January 9, 2009
Conor Boyd, Lead Developer, Dare
(now at SCB Renewble Energy Brokerage)

“I have worked with Daniel in two separate companies (the most recent being The Brand Union) and have found him to be a friendly, efficient and hard working member of the team. He always seems to inject a sense of fun and lots of energy into everything he does. It would be without hesitation that I would recommend Daniel and I hope that at some stage I have the chance to work with him again.”
May 28, 2009
Paul Wood, Account Director, The Brand Union
"Daniel was a excellent Manager, both of colleagues and clients. Exceptionally knowledgeable in his field and a great teacher. I thank Daniel personally for all experience gained whilst working with him. Rational, efficient, effective and a great problem solver. A great team player."
February 10, 2009


We come across things every day that we think are great. Work in the way we want, look super, feel right...that sort of thing.

We also come across things every day that don't quite work the way we would like.

These aren't necessarily massive things. But they tend to be the things that make people buy something again or try something different. They can be the difference between profit and loss.

Work Profiles

What Am I Up To?

I, Daniel Lewington, live in London again and work at Apsmart. I spent last year in Hamburg with my partner, learning German and working at SinnerSchrader. It was great but then the Apsmart thing came up and I couldn't turn it down.

Great decision.

And before Germany, I'd been living in London (about 15 years) working for a number product/service/interaction/online design agencies. There's more information on the other pages.

Or you can look at my LinkedIn and/or Xing profiles.

When not working travel, play football, cycle, swim and see friends. Life stuff.


Polite of Cameron to send congrats Obama. Wonder if that was the result he was hoping for?

Wednesday 12:01

Must not enjoy footage of Republicans crying. Can't help wondering if they display the same sorrow with regard to social inequality.

Wednesday 11:51

Got a few new followers after Creative Mornings. Thanks for coming along. Hope it was worth it. If not, at least there were croissants.

Sunday 18:58

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