Attribution and thanks

Good or Bad: ★

I love working with people who are great at CSS, PHP, SQL and the rest but I’m not great at it. Therefore I’m indebeted to a few who have made super things and put them online thereby making it possible for me to put this together. (am trying to avoid this sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech btw).

So thanks to:

Dan Coulter – Flickr Gallery: excellent solution to managing images
Yaosan Yeo – Star Rating For Reviews: much much better than lots of overblown ratings engines
Evan Sims – FriendFeed Activity Widget: simple, works a treat
Oliver Wunder – WordPress Video Plugin: massive number of players covered. Simple to install and use.
Tobias Bäthge – WP-Table Reloaded: this works beautifully. It’s not Word but then this is WordPress. Excellent solution. The import/export functions worked like a dream.
Derek Punsalan – Grid Focus Theme: Looks great. Plays nice with everything else.
The people who invented and contributed to WordPress.
David V. Kocher and Cyberduck developers for the great FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Cloud/S3 client.

Rob Laing for helping with a few CSS modifications.
Everyone in Testimonials for saying nice things about me.
Joe Wheeler for sending me some screengrabs I overlooked at the time.

CC for putting up with me stressing. :)


We come across things every day that we think are great. Work in the way we want, look super, feel right...that sort of thing.

We also come across things every day that don't quite work the way we would like.

These aren't necessarily massive things. But they tend to be the things that make people buy something again or try something different.

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What Am I Up To?

I, Daniel Lewington, live in London again and work at Apsmart. I spent last year in Hamburg with my partner, learning German and working at SinnerSchrader. It was great but then the Apsmart thing came up and I couldn't turn it down.

Great decision.

And before Germany, I'd been living in London (about 15 years) working for a number product/service/interaction/online design agencies. There's more information on the other pages.

Or you can look at my LinkedIn and/or Xing profiles.

When not working travel, play football, cycle, swim and see friends. Life stuff.


Polite of Cameron to send congrats Obama. Wonder if that was the result he was hoping for?

Wednesday 12:01

Must not enjoy footage of Republicans crying. Can't help wondering if they display the same sorrow with regard to social inequality.

Wednesday 11:51

Got a few new followers after Creative Mornings. Thanks for coming along. Hope it was worth it. If not, at least there were croissants.

Sunday 18:58

Bookmarked a link: None

Sunday 13:54