CatEye Lights

Good or Bad: ☆

I would have put the costs* of each the lights as Annotations within the YouTube video but there seems to be a problem with Annotations at the moment.

So here they are as plain text. From top-left.

Silver front light
hl-el-400 – £36.99

Black front light
hl-el-210 – £26.99

Black ‘flat’ front light
hl-el135 – £24.99

Black front light in printout
hl-el-200 – £24.99

Red smooth back lights
tl-ld600 – £19.99 each

Red back light with bobbly bits
tl-ld610 – £24.99

*Costs from where possible. Otherwise other online retailers.

ProductCatEye Bike Lights
Manufacturers PriceApproximate combined total of all lights in video: £170.

Fellowes PS-60

Good or Bad: ☆

Two people moving into one flat means, unless the flat is huge, some stuff has to go. And that includes lots of paperwork that has been kept just in case. For me that was bank statements, payslips and so on. The sort of things that you don’t want to just leave lying around. So we borrowed a shredder from work (thanks work) and set about the task.

Fellows PS-60

There were some early hitches with trying to put too much paper in in one go (typical user behaviour) but on the whole it was shredding fine. But then it just stopped. The noise of shredding was replaced by deafening silence. No lights went on, none flashed. The on/off button did nothing. I thought I’d broken it.

I hadn’t. It just started working again after a while. And then stopped again. And worked again. And stopped. And I walked away. Came back and it still wasn’t working. Went away. Came back and it still wasn’t working. Went away. Came back. Now it’s working.

It turns out that it has a Maximum Run Time (minutes) – 10 on/20 off. And it does say this in the specifications and probably something like this in the manual:

“This shredder is protected with a special safety feature which prevents the motor from overheating with extensive use. When shredding is attempted beyond the machine’s maximum running time, the shredder will automatically shut off its motor until it has cooled to an acceptable operating level.  This is normal and the shredder will return to operation after the “cool-down” period. See “Product Usage Guide” (page 1) for maximum running time and related cool- ing or “off” time.”

But extensive anecdotal research (I’m fully aware that anecdotes are not data btw) tells me that most people don’t read manuals and rarely are the product specifications just lying around next to the machine for all users to peruse. So it would have been good to indicate that the machine was still alive – just cooling down. I’m not suggesting adding another light (think of the extra materials and manufacturing costs) but perhaps all the LEDs could have gone on? Or one of them could have flashed? This might prompt me to search out the manual.

And then at the end of the time the light to could stop flashing to indicate that the shredder is ready to work again. I think this is more important actually. I’ve bought the thing now. I’m not going to take it back to the shop.  I might mention to a friend that this is quite annoying and he might not buy one as well but, anyhow, once I’ve learnt about and accepted the on/off time I’d really like to know when I can get started again just by looking at the machine rather than walking over and trying it.

Change a couple of lines in the processor code. Update the manual. Done.

Okay. So this isn’t going to change the world but it would improve the user experience. And if you feel strongly enough about this you can contact Fellowes through their site and Write a review. I would have done but you have to Sign In or Create An Account. Can I really be arsed? It’s only a shredder.

ProductFellowes PS-60 Strip-cut Shredder
Manufacturers Price$186.98


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Polite of Cameron to send congrats Obama. Wonder if that was the result he was hoping for?

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Must not enjoy footage of Republicans crying. Can't help wondering if they display the same sorrow with regard to social inequality.

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