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I moved to Hamburg and a few things happened.

Firstly, I needed an more presentable online ‘home’. Looking for projects in .de I must have a URL to which I can point potential employers/customers/collaborators. So this site contains stuff about me – career to date, some work examples etc.

Secondly, it provided me with an opportunity to create a blog that I’d always wanted. I’m a big fan of life but as I use products/services I’m constantly struck by the feeling that many of them should be slightly different. I’d then use them more, buy them more often etc. goodbaddesign is a place to collect all those thoughts together. And it’s not just the bad stuff. It’s the good stuff as well.

But what makes you think your point of view is worth anything at all?

Well, perhaps it’s a bit big-headed but I reckon in my career to date I’ve done a pretty good job of making things that people like to use. This is just a place to apply that to things I’m not working on. And maybe in time it can be a place where people who find similar things can post as well. See how it goes.

This is a rather wordy first post. They won’t all be like this. I’m going to aim for mostly pictures and videos. I just thought it was important to get down what I wanted to achieve with this. A manifesto of sorts.


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We come across things every day that we think are great. Work in the way we want, look super, feel right...that sort of thing.

We also come across things every day that don't quite work the way we would like.

These aren't necessarily massive things. But they tend to be the things that make people buy something again or try something different. They can be the difference between profit and loss.

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What Am I Up To?

I, Daniel Lewington, live in London again and work at Apsmart. I spent last year in Hamburg with my partner, learning German and working at SinnerSchrader. It was great but then the Apsmart thing came up and I couldn't turn it down.

Great decision.

And before Germany, I'd been living in London (about 15 years) working for a number product/service/interaction/online design agencies. There's more information on the other pages.

Or you can look at my LinkedIn and/or Xing profiles.

When not working travel, play football, cycle, swim and see friends. Life stuff.


Polite of Cameron to send congrats Obama. Wonder if that was the result he was hoping for?

Wednesday 12:01

Must not enjoy footage of Republicans crying. Can't help wondering if they display the same sorrow with regard to social inequality.

Wednesday 11:51

Got a few new followers after Creative Mornings. Thanks for coming along. Hope it was worth it. If not, at least there were croissants.

Sunday 18:58

Bookmarked a link: None

Sunday 13:54